Salisbury Stripping Company

p4070227For paint and varnish stripping from garden and household furniture and doors.

For restoration, repair and renovation of furniture.

For polishing, waxing and painting of furniture.

Salisbury Stripping Company offers a range of services.

Paint and Varnish Stripping

We can strip paint and varnish off a variety of household furniture, doors, garden furniture, windows, shutters and other items. We can do this in the most appropriate way. We can ‘Dip Strip’ and then power hose it down to clean it. The item then needs to be allowed to dry before it is rubbed down, usually with coarse wire wool or sand paper to make it ready for finishing. Some things are not suitable for this form of stripping and so we offer a ‘dry’ stripping service which is done by hand. This is kinder to the item but is more time consuming. After the hand strip, the item is ready for finishing.

Full Finishing Service

Whether or not it has been stripped, wood would not usually be left untreated. When it is waxed, stained, varnished or painted, this is referred to as ‘finishing’. We can offer a full finishing service for most items and have trained and experienced staff to do this. We can discuss the colour and finish required and how best to attain it.

Restoration and Repair

From a wobbly chair or mark on a table, to a full repair of a dresser or wardrobe we undertake a wide variety of furniture restoration. A piece of furniture may well be just tired or shabby in which case we can give it a new lease of life. Or it may well need a complete rebuild or major restoration. We can do that as well.

Doors   (please click for Doors)

We sell reclaimed doors and at any one time have hundreds in stock.
These doors are old, original doors made with a craftsman’s care that seems rare nowadays. We have 4-panelled doors, tongue and groove doors, ledge and brace, 1930s panelled doors, exterior doors, glazed doors and sometimes arched and stained glass doors.

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